It’s all about the content …

Focusing on the content rather than the bells and whistles, Tankman Media offers the following services via consultation or project management:

  • Making content work across multiple platforms
  • Sponsorship leveraging
  • Managing a digital newsdesk
  • Digital strategy for publishers
  • Social Media strategy for all brands
  • Expert rugby comment from Tank Lanning (via text, audio or video)
  • MC and Q&A evenings with Tank Lanning

Contact Tank Lanning by CLICKING HERE or phoning him on 083 306 0615

Read Tank Lanning’s Front Row Grunt blog on all things rugby …

Below a few pics of Tank conducting various succesful Q&A evenings:

Donuts with Top Gear

Chatting to Brendan Venter

Breaking stages with Kebble

Having a laugh with Jake White

The world's most capped referee

A giggle with Burger and Gibbs



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